Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday accused the Congress of misleading the people, creating tension in the society, and building an atmosphere of confrontation by making fake videos.

Addressing an election rally at Zaheerabad in Telangana, the Prime Minister said, “In this (case), the names of Telangana Congress and RR himself are coming up,” apparently referring to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, who along with four other leaders of Telangana Congress has been summoned by the Delhi Police in a case related to doctoring a video of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

“Tell me, can any countryman expect such acts from persons holding Constitutional posts,” he asked the gathering.

He also alleged that Congress started a new industry in these elections to shatter the spirit of democracy to pieces.

PM Modi declared that as long as he is alive, he will not allow the reservations of Dalits, STs, and OBCs to be given to Muslims in the name of religion.

Addressing the gathering, he launched a scathing attack against the Congress for ‘insulting’ the Constitution.

The Prime Minister said the Constituent Assembly after debating for months decided that there will be no reservation on the basis of religion and that only Dalits, tribals, and OBCs will get reservations.

“But today, they are back-stabbing Ambedkar by snatching the rights of Dalits, tribals, and OBCs from the back door and giving reservations to their vote bank,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that in 2004 and 2009, when the Congress had a record number of MPs and MLAs in combined Andhra Pradesh, it robbed reservations of SCs, STs, and Backward Classes and turned the state into a laboratory of appeasement. It took away the reservation rights of Backward Classes and gave it to Muslims, he said.

“There were 26 castes among Lingayat and Maratha communities demanding inclusion in OBCs, but Congress ignored them and overnight made Muslims the OBCs,” he said.

The Prime Minister also alleged that the TRS/BRS and the Congress dashed the hopes of the Banjara community.

They also betrayed the Madiga community, said PM Modi, as he reiterated that he will fight for Madigas to fulfil their long pending demand of sub-categorisation of SC reservation.

Reacting strongly to the claims made by Congress that the BJP is planning to change the Constitution, he alleged that it was the Congress that hated the Constitution drafted by B.R. Ambedkar.

He also alleged that from the very first day, Congress insulted the Constitution, adding that from Jawaharlal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, the entire family insulted the Constitution.

He said the first sin was committed by the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, who got illustrations from Ramayana and Mahabharatha removed from the Constitution, which were part of the original manuscript.

Later, his daughter (Indira Gandhi) blew the Constitution into pieces by imposing Emergency when lakhs of people were jailed.

PM Modi also said that Rajiv Gandhi dealt a huge blow to the Constitution by bringing a law to curb press freedom, but he had to take back the same after strong public resistance.

He claimed that the Constitution is a religious scripture for him to run the government, adding that he was the only Chief Minister to celebrate 60 years of the Constitution.

Alleging that the Gandhi family only wants power and has nothing to do with the Constitution, he said it does not want the Parliament to function and even raised questions on the Election Commission and EVMs.

He also announced that during his third term, the 75 years of the Constitution will be celebrated on a grand scale and the misdeeds of the Congress will be exposed on every street.

Claiming that the INDI Alliance has lost hope of becoming the main opposition, he predicted that the Congress' tally of seats in the Parliament will probably be the lowest ever after the Lok Sabha polls.

Claiming that the BJP is the only alternative, PM Modi said his government gave lakhs of crores to Telangana which helped speed up schemes for the welfare of the poor.

The Prime Minister also accused the Congress government in the state of creating hurdles in works like the construction of Sammakka Sarakka National Tribal University, among others.

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