Vikash Sharma

Berhampur: Amidst the ongoing speculation over the fate of firecracker shops this Diwali, the Ganjam district Collector Vijay Amruta Kulange on Tuesday urged traders not to set up temporary stalls this year.

While speaking to OTV, Kulange appealed people of the district to observe ‘Green and COVID-Free Diwali’ this year. Though a detail guideline is yet to be issued in this regard, we urge traders not to set up firecracker shops, he added.

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According to Kulange, the administration is not in favour of opening of temporary firecracker shops due to two-three issues including crowding and chances of COVID-19 infections.

“Apart from crowding, the firecrackers might aggravate conditions for elderly and those with respiratory diseases. As it will not be possible to enforce or comply with COVID-19 norms, we urge people to observe a Green and Covid-free Diwali. The guidelines for issue of licenses for selling crackers during the upcoming Diwali will be reviewed and subsequently decision whether licences will be issued or not will be taken after holding talks,” said Kulange.

(Edited By Ramakant Biswas)