Poonam Singh

A wedding celebration descended into utter chaos after a dispute broke out between the bride and the groom’s families over dowry demand in Punjab’s Fazilka district.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, in which the bride and groom’s families can be seen engaged in a fierce battle. 

The viral video was posted on Twitter with the caption, "Clash broke out over dowry demand at a wedding ceremony in Punjab's Fazilka."

In the video, people can be seen thrashing each other with chairs inside the wedding venue. Later, the fight moved out in the open, where both sides are seen hitting each other with cooking utensils and footwear.

The video shows guests physically pushing and pulling each other including females. Punches were thrown around as the fight spiralled out of control. Some of the guests were seen trying to bring the fight to an end, but in vain.

The video has garnered over 160.5K views, hundreds of likes and comments.

One user wrote, "Someone threw a chair. And another caught it too . Wow."

Another user commented, "Free entertainment for the guests."

The third user wrote, "Shameless beings."