Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Navratri festivities have already begun across India, marking the start of a nine-day grand celebration.

On the occasion, women in Rajkot of Gujarat were seen performing 'Garba' while riding motorcycles and cars, holding swords in their hands.

The video of this unique celebration has gone viral on various social media platforms, and it is also being shared by many news outlets.

In the 'Garba' video, a woman can be seen riding a Royal Enfield Bike, a Jeep, and a scooter while gracefully handling a sword.

Her joyous expression while riding at high speeds in traditional 'chaniya choli' attire is quite impressive. Spectators around her are cheering and applauding, and all the vehicles are adorned with garlands and swords, adding to the visual spectacle.

The video was originally posted on a platform as 'X', and the ANI handle shared it on social media. So far, the video has received 370K views and numerous likes, showing the immense popularity of this 'Garba' performance on social media.

Many people have commented on the video, with one user exclaiming, "Amazing! Hindu women everywhere should learn to wield the sword."
Another user simply said, "Amazing," while another expressed, "Incredible!" Several users left comments like "Very Nice," "Great," and "Jay Mata Di" in appreciation of this captivating video.