Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Street dogs are the most neglected ones and their suffering seems to have no end. They often get tortured by mischievous people and end up under the wheels of vehicles or die out of hunger. When the lives of pet dogs are compared with the ones living on the streets, the latter lead their lives full of miseries

On the other hand, several disturbing reports of street dogs attacking humans have surfaced at frequent intervals. However, have you ever seen a street dog becoming a hero?

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Here we bring a video of a street dog that turned a hero by saving a woman from a thief.

As seen in the video, a woman is seen walking down the street carrying some bags. A youth also approaches the street with a hoodie. Both of them were walking in the same direction but on either side of the road. Suddenly, the youth moves towards the woman and walks close to her. 

Meanwhile, a street dog is seen sitting on the road. As the youth approaches it, the dog stands up and tries to smell him. It was about to walk towards the other side of the road but stands still. 

Suddenly, the youth attacks the woman and tries to snatch away her belongings. While the woman is trying to defend herself the youth doesn't leave her. 

In the meantime, the dog attacks and chases the youth. To save his life, the thief runs away from the place while the woman is sitting on the road with her belongings shattered all over. 

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The dog chases the youth for a distance and turns back while the woman stands up. 

The video shared on Twitter by The Figen has been viewed over 342K times by now. With massive likes and retweets, the video has gone viral. Meanwhile, netizens have showered praises on the brave dog and poured love for the canine.