Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While animal cruelty has become a big concern across the globe, there are people whose hearts cry for the mute living creatures. At a time, when many think that humanity is lost , such people restore faith in humanity

In this internet era, while different visuals of cruel acts against animals circulate leaving everyone disturbed, one can also find videos that prove that humanity is still alive.

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Here we bring a video that recently surfaced on social media. The video shows a dog being drawn away by the current of floodwater. However, luckily it was saved by the team effort of some tourists and a local man.

As seen in the video, a couple, seeming to be tourists, immediately get into action mode after finding the dog getting swept away in the floodwater. The man throws away his backpack while standing on the bridge and flings into action to save the drowning dog. 

While he stretches out his hand to reach the dog, he fails. Meanwhile, his wife also standing beside him is seen trying to help the dog.
Immediately, two other locals rush to the spot. While one man leans forward towards the water, another person comes forward with bamboo in his hands. 

Luckily, the man catches the dog just at the right time before drowning. Meanwhile, the other man gives support to the dog with the bamboo. 

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Finally, with the team effort of the locals and tourists, the dog is rescued from a tragic death. 

The video shared on Twitter by Interesting Channel has gone viral and is fetching a good number of views with every passing hour.