Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nowadays, social media is full of reports about cruelty towards stray animals . Several heart-wrenching reports narrating the brutality towards the mute animals raise questions on humanity. However, a few college students have proved that humanity is still alive. 

A few college students helped a weak stray dog from rain, which might have added another day to its life. 

In the video, the group of college students can be seen standing on a roadside with umbrellas in their hands as it was raining. The students were standing close to something which was hard to recognise. However, after a few moments, the ‘hard to recognise’ thing showed some movements. It was a stray dog that was lying close to a drain and getting drenched.

Later, all the other students moved away but two boys stood near the dog. Both the students were trying to help it out of the situation. 

Finally, the two succeeded in helping out the canine and it moved from its earlier position. Another student joined the duo and they helped the dog to cross the busy road by guarding it on both sides. 

While the stray dog was crossing the road, it was clearly visible that the canine was very weak and was hardly able to walk freely. If not for the college students, the stray dog might not have seen another day after getting drenched in the rain owing to its health condition.

Netizens hailed the students for helping out the dog and suggested education is applied in the best possible way.