Manoj Kumar Jena

Movie ‘12th Fail’ has not only inspired the youth with ‘Restart’ mantra, it has also brought the faith in the love stories that some couple make it to the end with their hard work and dedication. 

Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed the movie and actor Vikrant Massey played the role of IPS Manoj Sharma. Besides, Medha Shankar played the role of Shraddha wife of Sharma. 

Based on a true event, the movie won millions of heart with its impressive storytelling and the actors gave justice to their respective characters. 

After the release of the movie, Manoj Sharma and Shraddha became an idol for the youths because of their dedication to their relationship and their career. Whoever watched the movie, the couple became an example to them. 

Meanwhile, IPS Manoj Sharma took to his official X (formerly twitter) handle and shared a creative fan made pencil sketch video. The video was shared with the caption ‘Reel vs Real.’ (SIC)

The video depicted a photo of Vikrant Massey. The sketch artist tore one side of the photo which confused the viewers. Showing the creative side, the artist started drawing the portrait of Manoj Sharma on the torn side of the photo. 

Within seconds, the sketch was ready with the photo of Vikrant and Manoj’s face merged in a single portrait. 

After seeing the beautiful portrait, fans filled the comments section with praises as one user wrote, “Wah.. Bhai.. Kala to kala hai.. Lekin jine ki kal koi aap se sikhe bhai,” while another user wrote, “It’s a great piece of art.” (SIC)

WATCH the video below: