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Amid swirling rumours linking her to actor Naga Chaitanya, Sobhita Dhulipala has opened about being in love.

In an interview with GQ India, Sobhita discussed her perspective on love. While she expressed a general affinity for love, she remained elusive regarding her romantic status.

When questioned if she is in love, Sobhita said, "I am always in love. Love is such a defining fuel. It’s probably the only thing that’s a necessity and a luxury.”

However, she refrained from providing a clear answer regarding her current romantic relationship.

She was asked, "what is she really like in a relationship", Sobhita said, “My physicality might make me seem like I’m a hard-a**. Strong. Cold. Independent. And the work that I’ve done probably supports that theory. But I’m actually quite the opposite. I’m just a sad clown. I find such joy in being less. I’ve just become a lot less needy. I truly believe that the purest emotion in the world is devotion. Have I experienced that? I don’t think I’m so devoid of ego that I can experience that but I believe there’s so much beauty in being able to, I don’t know, just dissolve into someone?”

The speculation surrounding Dhulipala's relationship status has centered on her rumored romance with Naga Chaitanya. 

Sources revealed that the pair enjoys a harmonious relationship, often vacationing together. However, they prefer to maintain privacy, avoiding public acknowledgment of their relationship to keep the focus on their professional endeavours.

“And that’s the reason they don’t post about each other online. They are aware about the emergence of their pictures online, and the buzz. But they don’t want to address it and make it a talking point. They don’t want to divert the attention from their professional work to their personal space. They are not working really hard to keep their affair a secret, but are not eager to go public either,” the source was quoted saying to Hindustan Times.

On work front, Sobhita was last seen in ‘Monkey Man,’ alongside Dev Patel. In the film, Patel's character seeks justice for his mother's death, ultimately becoming a symbol of resistance against corruption and oppression. The film also features Sikandar Kher and Sharlto Copley in key roles.