Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Venipuncture is a medical procedure by which blood is taken from a vein for testing purposes. However, have you ever heard of lovebirds extracting blood from their body and wearing it as lockets to prove their love?

Love is the most beautiful emotion that is characterized by passion, intimacy, and commitment. Love keeps people bonded and committed to one another. Several love sagas since centuries define the psychological attachment of the individuals in love. While some don’t hesitate to end their lives for love, some don’t give a second thought before hurting any person creating hurdles. However, some go a step ahead to do weird things that sometimes turn hilarious and trigger meme fest.

Here we bring one such video that describes the love between a boy and a girl. However, the duo has gone a step ahead to prove their commitment to each other.

As seen in the video, a medical professional (nurse/ phlebotomist) is extracting blood from the veins of a boy and after the procedure, the blood is stored in a small glass tube. Later, the same procedure is implemented on a girl. However, the girl is seen crying out of pain while her boyfriend can be seen holding her tight to give some relief. The girl’s blood sample was also stored in a similar glass tube. 

What was surprising is that the glass tubes containing blood samples were tied with threads and worn by both as lockets. The boy tied the blood-containing tube around the girl’s neck and the girl too tied the other tube around the boy’s neck. As it seems, the boy tied the tube containing his blood sample around the girl’s neck while the girl tied the tube containing her blood sample around the boy’s neck. 

Well, the lovebirds adopted their own way to express love for each other. However, such an action triggered hilarious comments from netizens. 

The video was shared on Facebook by and has gone viral on social media as netizens couldn’t refrain from resharing it. Several termed their love as immature and ‘Nibba Nibbi’ love.