Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

School days are the times that get cherished lifelong. It is time to make friends, hang out or or possibly get a crush for the first time and create wonderful memories.

As school kids, many even must have created several painful memories like picking up fights with others or bullying other schoolmates or juniors along the way. 

Down the lane, people more often than not crave for the good old days and even laugh at the silly mistakes committed during the young days.

As a young school lad, you might have committed several mistakes. But have you ever thought how would you react if someone recaps the moments you faced off with one of your mates in the school?

Here we bring a video that shows two young school boys locking up their horns against one another, supposedly, over falling in love with the same girl, as claimed. If you have had ever such an experience in the past, you could easily relate to the incident.

As the video shows, two school boys are lashing one another with kicks, punches and blows before one of them overpowers the other boy and starts smacking his face after sitting on his chest. Meanwhile, all the other students seem to be enjoying the fight between the duo in full excitement.

The incident happens to be captured by one of the boys' schoolmates on a mobile phone and goes viral on social media. Though the exact source of the video is not known, as it seems, the video was captured at a school in Kolkata.

Well, on the other hand, several other school students, as it seems, have flooded with their comments on the post. It seems the video too was intentionally shared on social media triggering reactions from all around.

Of course, such activities are dangerous and everyone should refrain from fighting or quarrelling, especially school kids because such fights can turn out fatal if anyone takes a wrong move in the heat of the moment.