Rashmi Ranjan

Gone are the days when enjoying mouth-watering delicacies used to be very cheap and pocket friendly. People born in 90s can easily relate to this as the generation has seen all these transformation. 

From keypad mobile phones to smart phones, and, from CRT television sets to smart television, the 90s kids are the ones who have seen all the changes.

Recently, a menu card of a restaurant from 2001 started doing round the internet taking 90s kids to down the memory lane.

The now viral menu card has a list of available food items and their costs mentioned on it.

Chicken biryani which now costs approximately Rs 150 per plate, used to be sold at Rs 30 then. Similarly, mutton biryani which is now being sold approximately at Rs 250 per plate, used to cost Rs 32 in 2001.

Egg roll, chicken roll, egg chicken roll, special chicken roll used to cost Rs 7, Rs 10, Rs 15 and Rs 24 respectively back in 2001.

Since being shared on Instagram, the menu card post has garnered over 3500 likes and the picture has made people recall the memories.

While one user commented, “Ye menu fir se wapas aa jaye yrrrr”, another one wrote, “1 menu = 1 item from the prensent day menu.”

“That Rs 7 egg roll have become Rs70 egg roll,” another user commented while the fourth one wrote, “Chicken roll 10rs or abh Vadapav bhi 10 ka nhi milta.”