Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In a world full of complexities, simplicity and innocence are two qualities that stand out. Simplicity has a natural charm that effortlessly connects with people. It speaks volumes and captures hearts with its pure essence and genuine appeal. On the other hand, innocence is a precious quality that fosters purity of heart and sincerity of intentions. Moreover, these also remind us of the beauty and goodness that still exist.

Recently, videos surfaced on the internet showing a woman running a roadside food stall. The woman is the wife of a martyred Army man. Apart from the struggles of running the food stall, her simplicity and innocence have drawn the attention of netizens. With her simplicity and innocence, she is winning hearts.

In one video shared by Kavviya on X (formerly Twitter), the woman can be seen standing at her stall while interacting with a customer. The content creator walks near her stall while holding Rs 2000 in his hand. He asks her to pack food of the whole money.

For a moment she hesitates and remains silent. Then she replies, "Ji bhaiya, abhi karti hoon. Paise baad mein loongi, pehele mein khanna pack kar deti hoon. (Yes brother, will do it right away. I will take the money later, first let me pack the food.)"

The youth again asks, "Do you have food for Rs 2000?"

She denied humbly and said for that reason she asked not to give money and allow her to pack the food first.

When the youth asks, how much food is left, the woman checks and clarifies that she had no food left. She apologized the youth with her simplicity.

Further, the youth says, "What will I do with this money then?"

The woman replies, "You keep it. But I will make some arrangements so that at least you can eat something. I will not let my brother (youth) go away hungry."

The youth says, "I don't want any person to sleep with an empty stomach."

Further, the woman says, "Exactly, I even try my best to do that. I don't let anyone walk away from my stall with an empty stomach. I feel really sad and prepare something. I always keep some flour hidden so that I make sure none walks away with an empty stomach."

In another video shared by Deepak Singh, the youth is heard saying, "I had come to distribute food of Rs 2000, you take it and distribute."

The woman asks the youth to come the next day so that he can distribute and she will make sure to bring more food. As she says this, she feels choked. She further continued that the Almighty would feel bad.

Further, the youth asks about her husband and she replies that he serves Guruji (Almighty).

"He left this world and is serving the Almighty. He was serving in the Army," she said, while her eyes seemed to be moistened.

Well, the videos have been received on a good note and netizens are hailing the spirit, simplicity and innocence of the strong woman. The videos have been flooded with comments praising the woman.

While the original source of the video couldn't be verified, those have been viewed massively while garnering likes.