Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Often we come across incidents and news reports in which rogues sneak into girls’ hostels. Either the intention is to cause some shameful act or to loot valuables from the inmates of the hostel. Whatever, the reason is, it is unlawful to sneak into a girl’s hostel by all means. 

When they get caught, the rogues get a good thrashing and are handed over to the police. 

Here we bring a video, in which a group of violent girls is seen carrying wooden logs and sticks. They are trying to enter a room. The door of the room was open, but they are obstructed by a man from inside the room.

When the visuals become clear in the video, the violent girls start hitting the man while he was trying to impede the attack, but all in vain. Meanwhile, the man managed to close the door. But, before locking the door from the inside, the girls pushed the door open and break into the room.

Meanwhile, the lights of the room are turned on and a middle-aged man is seen resisting the attacks of the violent girls. But, the girls are in no mood to listen to any clarification and continue thrashing him with the logs they are carrying. 

Some other girls are seen crying outside the room. As it seems, the man entered the room of the girls who were crying. 

Some other reports claimed, the man who sneaked into the hostel is the headmaster and was trying to sexually assault a girl.

The video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has by now garnered over 66K views with hundreds of likes. Even netizens showered praises for the brave girls.

Here's another video of the same person: