Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Chemistry is a truly fascinating branch of science. While theoretical studies could be boring, practical experiments certainly are fun and interesting. Though filled with puzzles, there are some crazy science fanatics who love to keep on exploring deep.

Of course, some lab experiments turn out to be successful, while others fail. In this internet age, several such low-key lab experiments can be found.

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Here we bring a video that shows a science freak’s crazy experiment of dissolving pure gold in acid.

As seen and narrated in the video, the science fanatic shows and describes holding a 100-gram pure gold bar in his hand. Further, the content creator informs about the price of gold as $57 per gram which estimates the price of the gold bar as $5700 (around Rs 4.68 lakh in INR).

Further, the narrator explains the gold bar as the most expensive and precious thing.

The next move of the narrator was to destroy the expensive gold bar using acid.

Next, he places the gold bar in a beaker and pours concentrated hydrochloric acid to let the gold boil. After finding no reaction, the narrator adds nitric acid to the beaker. As soon as he adds nitric acid into the beaker, the gold bar starts dissolving. 

Within a few hours, the gold bar starts disintegrating and completely dissolves in the acid. Eventually, it completely disappears. The leftover from the experiment was an orange liquid without any trace of the gold bar.

Next, the narrator picks up the beaker containing gold in liquid form and explains about getting back the gold. However, in the mid of his narration, the glass beaker breaks spreading the gold in liquid form on the floor.

The video shared on Twitter by Interesting Channel has gone viral with users sharing it massively. Moreover, netizens have flooded the comment box with hilarious comments.

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