Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It is quite common to find youths showing off in front of friends by riding bikes on either rear-wheel or front-wheel. Such acts are certainly a try to impress others by showing off their stunt skills. In this internet age, such videos are also quite prevalent on social media.

However, have you ever seen any youth trying to flaunt his stunt skills while riding a bike without a front wheel?

Here we bring a video that will leave you rolling on floors, laughing.

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As seen in the video, a youth is seen riding a two-wheeler bike on the rear wheel. However, the front wheels of the bike are missing. The daring act is being recorded by his friends on another bike driving parallel on the road. 

However, the youth applies the brake and falls on the face. His stunt show goes terribly wrong as he falls with the bike awfully. 

The video shared on Twitter by CCTV IDIOTS has been viewed over 4 million times. Moreover, the video has triggered a laugh riot with netizens trolling the youth for his ‘stupidity.’

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One user wrote, “Stupidity has no limit.”

A second user wrote, “Damn...Can you imagine the road rash from that spill?!!!!!? Ouch!”

“He watched a YouTuber doing it and thought he would have the same results. One, only one went viral. Take a guess..” wrote a third user.