Cassian Baliarsingh

King cobras are incredibly dangerous and can kill up to 11 people with a single bite. However, some animals have the right agility to overpower these venomous snakes. 

Well, they are none other than the mongoose. You might have seen several videos of a fight between a mongoose and a snake, but this viral video is going to send chills down your spine.

The 58-second video starts with a mongoose and a snake fighting with each other near a house. Later, the mongoose runs away into a field while the snake crawls towards the house located adjacent to the farmland.

In a bid to save itself from the mongoose attack, the 6-7 feet cobra can be seen slithering into the portico of the house.

Astonishingly, the snake then stands on its tail and climbs onto a cradle tied in the portico of the house for a baby. Going by the background sounds, we can understand that the people present at the spot are shocked to see the snake stand on its tail and climb the cradle.

It doesn’t stop there. It then climbs the rope of the cradle and tries to reach a higher height. It is believed that the cobra tries to reach a greater height in an apparent bid to escape the attack of the mongoose.

A man shoots the entire clip on his phone while another youth tries to scare away the snake with a stick. The video is reportedly from a village in Nashik of Maharashtra.

A Twitter user shared the bone-chilling video that has gone viral garnering 24.3K views and hundreds of comments.

“OMG, luckily there was no baby sleeping in the cradle. Warna bahut badi musibat ho jati,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “The snake seems to have come into human habitation to escape the clutches of the mongoose.”