Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A toll fee is collected at toll gates from vehicles for road construction and maintenance purposes. Without paying the toll fee, the vehicles cannot pass through the gate. However, have you ever seen any animal collecting toll fees from humans for allowing them to pass through their habitat?

Elephants are gentle giants. These majestic animals most often stray into human habitats in search of food and water. However, here we bring a video that is quite heartwarming. 

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In the video, an elephant is seen standing on the roadside. While several vehicles are seen moving on the road, the jumbo doesn’t seem to be a threat to those. 

Suddenly, the elephant climbs to the road immediately after seeing a sugarcane-laden truck approaching closer. 

Even the truck slows down after finding the giant animal in front. The elephant stretches out its trunk and pulls a few sugarcane sticks from the truck. While the truck moves away, the jumbo starts munching the sugarcane. It didn’t bother other vehicles moving behind the truck. 

Meanwhile, another truck approaches and the elephant does the same. After collecting its tax, the jumbo allows the truck to move. However, this time it manages to pull out a bunch of sugarcane sticks. 

It repeats the same with another truck without causing any harm.

The video shared on Twitter by Wall Street Silver has been viewed over a million times with netizens sharing it massively. 

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As claimed by the user, the visual is from Cambodia. Meanwhile, some others claimed the visual is from Thailand. The caption for the post reads: Elephants in Cambodia have learned to exploit their right of way and stop passing sugar cane trucks to steal a snack. 0.5% road tax being collected by these intelligent beings. Pesky pachyderm perfectly pilfering produce, the user posted.