Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Elephants are gentle giants and their calves are just like any other kid. Overloaded with cuteness, baby elephants also love cuddling and snuggling. How would you react when you find a baby elephant approaching you to get cuddled?

Here we bring a video that will enhance your love for the gentle giants as well as their calves.

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In the video, a man and a girl are seen sitting on the ground and a baby elephant is approaching them. Suddenly, the baby elephant gives a headbutt to the girl and hops into her lap as soon as she falls to the ground.

While the girl caresses the calf, the giant baby snuggles and tries to find a place in the girl’s lap. However, not finding a warm place, it simply sleeps on her. After a while, the man gets up and pushes back the baby helping the girl to sit. However, the calf again leans on the girl’s lap and demands more cuddles. 

The playful baby elephant continues its heart-melting gestures and the girl seems to be enjoying the moment. 

Baby elephants can weigh up to 150 Kg which can be very heavy for a human to bear the weight. However, love and kindness can make these creatures harmless.

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The video shared on Twitter by The Best has garnered millions of views and netizens have been pouring their love for the baby elephant and are in awe of the heart-warming moment with the girl.