Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Exploring the wild can be thrilling but everyone should respect the privacy of wild animals. While venturing into their habitat, one should follow certain rules and must avoid confronting them. If accidentally, one faces any wild animal, they should avoid them without causing them unnecessary trouble. 

However, some people ignore the basic rules while venturing into the wild or while passing by any wildlife area. Such situations could lead to any major mishap as animal behaviour is unpredictable and when it is about any wild animal, none should take the risk.

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Here we bring a video of a wild elephant that gets annoyed after a man approaches close to him. However, the majestic animal remains gentle as the man continues to offer obeisance.

As seen in the video, a dhoti-kurta-clad man is seen walking towards the elephant standing on the roadside. While several cars stop on the road, the man walks close to the elephant. As soon as he approaches the pachyderm, he raises his hands and joins those as a gesture of respect. 

However, the Tusker does not seem to like it and steps back into the woods. But the man continues to stand still with folded hands. 

A few moments later, the Tusker starts rubbing its leg on the ground probably as a gesture of losing his cool. The man starts walking away from the wild tusker but again turns back. This time, he walks closer and raises both his hands. 

Suddenly, the elephant charges toward the man but stops. The gesture seems like it was trying to scare the man. However, the man doesn't bother and stands there confidently. From the gestures of the man, it seems, he is instructing someone else to capture the visuals on a mobile phone. 

Later, the man was arrested and taken into custody by DFO, Dharmapuri. 

The video and information shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has triggered outrage among netizens with several lashing out at the man for such an irresponsible act.

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