Poonam Singh

Weddings are incomplete without fun and frolic and it becomes even more interesting when the friends of the bride or groom play pranks on the couple.

You must have come across such videos on social media in which friends of brides or grooms create trouble for their friend’s partner. Recently one such video is currently going viral on the internet in which the groom’s friend can be seen playing prank on the newlywed couple.

Shared on Instagram, it shows the couple's friends coming on the stage one by one to congratulate them. While doing so, they can be seen walking hilarious like a duck. The groom can also be seen joining his friend’s hilarious duck walk leaving everyone in splits including the bride.


It was posted by a page called ‘viral.shadi.' The song playing in the background was a Marathi song 'Hil Pori Hila.' 

The video amassed a lot of views on the app with 160 likes. It was shared on other social media platforms. 

In the comments section, netizens were amused by the act. One user even called it 'paagal panti.' A majority of the comments were filled with laughter emoji and some shared the fire emoji as well. 

Some users even tagged their friends. They also tagged those who are about to be wed and warned them in advance that this will take place, no matter what.