Poonam Singh

In Indian weddings, it is customary for the bride to touch the feet of her groom after the marriage as a mark of respect. However, on a beautiful display of equality and love, a groom from Assam broke gender stereotypes by touching his wife’s feet after their wedding ceremony on the stage leaving everyone surprised. 

This unexpected move by the groom has captivated the internet, generating love and happiness across social media platforms.

The video was shared by the groom himself who called it the "peak moment" of his wedding.

In the video, the bride can be seen touching the groom's feet as a part of the wedding ritual. Soon after it, the groom reciprocated her gesture by touching his newly-wedded wife's feet, earning thunderous applause from the wedding guests.

The groom Kallol Das from Assam's Guwahati in his caption said that it was out of respect for his wife and he didn’t mean to offend anyone’s views or rituals.
Das captioned the video “Peak moment in the wedding. Although I got a lot of criticism from the “society”, I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s views or rituals.

Whatever happened, Whatever I did, It was outta respect for my wife. Sharing this video as it’s one of the happiest moments in the wedding, all our friends and family were part of this. Blessed to be surrounded by such Beautiful People.”  (SIC)

As the video went viral, social media users reacted to the video with diverse reactions.

One netizen stated, “Maturity Isn't calling her your 'Lakshmi' , maturity is when you really treat her as 'Lakshmi.” (SIC)
Another user commented, “To all the toxic masculines if you can't digest a man touching his better half's feet then do not let the woman of ur life touch ur feets too ☺️ ITS SO SIMPLE.” (SIC)

A third user commented, “He got the best of friends and relatives who cheered him and supported him and even the dadu smiled that is how it should be.” (SIC)