Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In the age of social media, it takes no time for a piece of information, pictures or videos to reach a mass of internet users . Interesting and engaging videos of different genres prompt social media users to share those massively. 

Active social media users must have come across disturbing visuals of different fire mishaps including vehicles catching fire. However, what would be your reaction after watching a fleet of cars catching fire?

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Here we bring an old video that has resurfaced on the internet recently. The video shows several cars getting damaged after fire. 

As seen in the video, several cars are being transported on an open deck of a ship. While sailing through the ocean, the waves are hitting the deck as well as the loaded cars. In the transition visuals, the cars start burning. The next visuals show the damaged cars after the fire breakout. 

As claimed, the incident took place in 2019 and the fire broke out after the batteries of the cars had a short-circuit after coming in contact with salt water.

The video shared on Twitter by Catastrophic Failure has been viewed over 2 million times and netizens expressed concerns about the incident. Meanwhile, several others also went on to dig into the scientific reasons behind the fire mishap.

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