Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Being kind to others in need doesn't cost a single penny. Kindness can increase happiness and self-esteem, while decreasing stress. However, humanity is slowly fading away in the modern society, and the growing number of inhumane activities prove so. While a major chunk of humans are least bothered about their own kind, expecting kindness and compassion from them for other creatures is foolishness. 

But, there are people who find pleasure in being kind toward others. On the other hand, there are instances when animals seek help from humans. But, it would be definitely surprising to see troubled wild animals seeking help from humans.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a huge elephant seeking help from tourists. As claimed, the jumbo sought help from humans to rescue its family trapped in a swamp filled with water.

In the viral video, the majestic animal can be seen blocking the road and interrupting tourists movements. Surprisingly, the elephant kneels down on the road. The jumbo sits on the road as if it wants something from the humans. The next visual shows three elephants trapped inside the sump and struggling to walk out.

Following the road blockage, a team of forest officials arrived on the spot. Later, with the help of an earth mover, a path was made so that the elephants trapped in the swamp could easily walk out. 

Meanwhile, the trapped elephants wait for the moment. Soon, the jumbo family walked out of the swamp.

Though the authenticity and origin of the video couldn't be verified, it has gone viral. Shared on Instagram by Motivation Thoughts, the video is watched over 6 million times and 2 million likes. Moreover, the comments section is also flooded with notes from users expressing their happiness and concern for the wild animals.

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