Poonam Singh

In today's fast-paced world, people are caught up in their own lives and easily forget about the struggles of others. 

However, even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone's life. A Kerala policeman’s selfless act of hand-feeding a bird sitting on his whistle cord is the best thing we can see on the internet today. The video of the incident went viral.

The video was shared on Twitter by Kerala Police, with a caption in Malayalam which roughly translates to "Let's nest in the heart" A guest who unexpectedly flew to Whistle Code in uniform (with heart emoji) in English.

In the viral video, a policeman can be seen hand-feeding a small bird with some nectar from flowers. The video begins with a close shot of the little bird sitting cosily on the cop’s uniform. As the video goes on, the policeman feeds the little bird by holding a flower bunch close to it while smiling.

This viral video of a policeman’s gentle interaction with a bird has been described as the ‘personification’ of Kerala Police's motto “Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye (Soft in temperament, firm in action).

The video has garnered over 18.7K views and tons of reactions. The sweet exchange between the cop and bird enchanted many. "Wow," wrote one. Another user wrote, " Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye."