Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district, a newlywed woman eloped with her lover barely a week after her wedding.

According to an Amarujala report, the bride fled from her in-laws' house with her paramour while her husband was away from the house. As per reports, she also took all jewellery, cash and other precious items with her while running away.

The marriage of the woman to a man from a village in Tarkulwa police station area was solemnised with fanfare a week back. After the wedding, the newlywed couple was living a happy martial life. Everything seemed to be perfect and a week had passed since the wedding.

However, on Friday evening the man had gone out for some work and after returning home late at night he was shocked to find his wife was not at home. He got panicked and searched for her everywhere only to be disappointed as she was nowhere. He also called his in-laws to find out if she had visited them but they said that she was not there.

Later, he found out that all jewellery his wife had got at the wedding were also missing along with some cash, which made him realise that his wife was not missing but had eloped. Disheartened by it, the young man registered a case against his wife and her lover.
Reportedly, the woman was in a relationship with a youth from her village before her marriage.

Meanwhile, the police registered the complaint and launched an investigation into the case.