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Exploring nature and wildlife can be thrilling and a learning experience. However, encountering any wild animal during the tour may turn unpleasant which also may give you nightmares for several days. 

Here we bring a video of a group of visitors who were attacked by an angry Royal Bengal Tiger during a safari. 

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As seen in the video, the big wild cat is seen growling. The tiger seems annoyed and remains behind bushes off the road. Meanwhile, a man is heard shouting at the tiger. The vehicle stands still with the visitors while they capture the tiger in their cameras.

Suddenly, the tiger takes a leap from behind the bush towards the vehicle. The man again starts shouting and the vehicle starts moving in reverse. However, the angry tiger starts following them. However, the man continues to shout and the vehicle moves back.

Finally, the tiger stands still while growling. 

As it seems, the tiger got annoyed over the trespassing of humans into its territory.

The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has been viewed over 38K times. The video has gone viral on social media with netizens sharing it massively.

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The IFS official captioned his post: Striped monk gets irritated What will you do if at every designated hours people crash into your house as their matter of right? (sic)

Meanwhile, several others have vented out their anger on visitors for not following rules while visiting sanctuaries and national parks.

As per the latest updates, the driver of the vehicle was arrested under Wildlife Protection Act.

Susanta Nanda Twitter postSusanta Nanda Twitter post