Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Exploring wildlife is thrilling and adventurous. But, encountering any wild carnivore animal could be life-threatening. One needs to remain highly cautious even while taking a tour on a safari. Even if visitors remain inside their vehicles, it could be dangerous. 

If you are a wildlife lover and have a passion to explore wildlife, how would you react if a lion or a similar carnivore tries to enter your vehicle? Here we bring a video that shows a lioness opening the door of a car packed with visitors.

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As seen in the video, several lionesses are resting under a tree shed.  Meanwhile, some visitors come close to them in a car and start capturing the pride of a lion in their cameras.
Suddenly, one of the lionesses gets up and walks up to the car. The car starts moving ahead. However, again the car goes into reverse and stops near the lioness. 

While the visitors are busy clicking photos and capturing videos of the wild cat, the lioness suddenly grabs the exterior door handle of the car in its jaws and pulls open the door.

As soon as the door opens, the visitors inside the car start screaming out of fear. Immediately, they pull the door and lock it with a smash.

One visitor says, “You must have locked the door.”

The other one sitting close to the door says, “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know, they could do that.” 

Well, it could have been dangerous if the door remained open for a longer time. 

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The video shared on Twitter by Lynne McCarthy has gone viral garnering over 55K views. Several users went on to express their opinion over the dangers of not locking the doors while passing by a pride of lions.