Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The decision of calling off a relationship may not be easy for either a girl or a boy. The reasons for breaking up a relationship could be anything, starting from fights to financial crunch. However, a woman in China has shocked many for the reason behind calling off her relationship with her boyfriend.

Though the identity of the woman could not be obtained, she broke up with her boyfriend after her first meeting with his parents. 

As reported by South China Morning Post, the couple travelled for around two and a half hours to meet the boy’s parents. The woman was on a two-day visit to her boyfriend’s home. Though she was excited, she was also quite nervous as they were going to meet for the first time. 

After arriving at the doorstep, she was greeted by an overwhelming sight of various dishes on the dining table.

However, when she sat down for a meal with the family, she was shocked to see the dishes that were already served on the table. 
Immediately, she started recording a video of the meal which included a bowl of noodles with fried eggs, stir-fry, pumpkin porridge, and assorted cold dishes. 

The girl was quite disappointed with the dishes as she expected that her boyfriend’s parents could have done some special arrangements or fancier dishes on their first meeting. 

During an interview with Sukan Shixun, the woman told, “He told me that ‘it is exactly what is served in the daily lives of common folks’.”

Further, she went on to add, “He knows I don’t like noodles, but a noodle dish was served for every meal.”

Two days later, the woman left their place calling off their relationship saying that she could not bear staying with his family any longer.

However, netizens have supported the woman and her decision to break up with her boyfriend. Many even went on to say that her boyfriend’s family didn’t like her and they didn’t treat him well. 

The video the woman shared has garnered over 7 million views and over 4300 comments.