Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

MJ or Michael Jackson, the international dance icon, was god-gifted with several other talents apart from his dance moves. He still resides in the hearts of many. In India, we have dancing sensations like Prabhu Deva, Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Remo D'Souza, Shahid Kapoor, and many more that have set several benchmarks with their dance skills.

If you are passionate about dance and/or by chance, are a dancer, you must have come across several dance forms. But, here we bring the video of the most difficult dance form that you may not have seen and if seen, you may not be able to match the steps. 

Dance is an art and one needs to completely devote oneself to learning different movements and steps with aesthetic value. Sheer interest and curiosity to learn more about this performing art help to understand the essence of dance. With proper training and practice, one can slowly start tapping feet to a few beats and eventually master the dance form. 

Unlike the electrifying dance forms of the new generation, we have had traditional dance forms, which still remain alive through folk dancers from different regions. The traditional dance forms get passed on as a legacy from generation to generation. 

Zaouli is one such traditional dance form that is a part of the tradition of the Guro people of the central Ivory Coast in Africa. Recently, a video of a dancer performing the Zaouli dance stormed the internet, leaving the netizens amazed and enthralled. 

As it seems from the video, the dancer is wearing a bright purple mask along with the traditional costume. The dance is being performed at a cultural event in Africa. As per certain reports, the special mask was designed back in the 1950s by a girl named Djela Lou Zaouli.

The dancer is vigorously dribbling his feet and shuffling those extremely fast on the ground with the drum beats. The gorgeous traditional attire used for the dance elevates the charisma of the performance. For the impeccable performance of the dancer, it seems, his feet are gliding or floating on the ground.

After watching the video, almost everyone has suggested that the dance form looks remarkably difficult and it can be considered the most difficult dance form in the world. 

Shared on Twitter by Figen, the video has by now been viewed over 5.1 million times. Moreover, compliments from many have flooded for the dance performance. 

According to the UNESCO, the Zaouli dance is ‘a tribute to feminine beauty’ and the dance is performed by wearing two masks, the Blou and the Djela. The dance form is otherwise known as Djela lou Zaouli which means Zaouli, the daughter of Djela. The dance form brings the traditional sculpture (the mask), weaving (costume), music (band and song), and dance together.