Cassian Baliarsingh

Alexa, Amazon’s popular virtual assistant device, came to the rescue of two little girls in UP’s Basti district by barking as a dog to scare off a few ‘ruthless’ monkeys that had invaded their home. The elder girl’s swift thinking helped her save herself and her little sister.

The unusual episode unfolded when a resident Pankaj Ojha’s daughters were left inside the house with the doors open. A few relatives who had come to the house left the main door of the house open by mistake while leaving.

Taking advantage, large-sized monkeys entered the house and started vandalizing all the things in the drawing room before climbing up to the kitchen in search of food. Next to the kitchen, the two girls who were playing were traumatised after seeing the monkeys.

The elder girl found Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ and with her display of quick presence of mind asked it to ‘bark like a dog’. The trick worked as the monkeys got so scared of the barking that they jumped off to a neighbour’s roof and then to a tree before vanishing from the sight.

The brave girl has been identified as Nikita.

Speaking to ANI, Nikita said, “A few guests visited our home and they left the gate open. In search of food, monkeys entered the kitchen and started throwing things here and there. The kid was scared and so did I but then I saw Alexa and asked it to bark like a dog. Because of that barking sound, the monkeys were scared and ran away.”