Cassian Baliarsingh

Needless to say, we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). People across the world are making the best use of AI to accomplish a variety of tasks. Recently, a woman accused a man of using AI to chat with her and impress her.

The girl even fell in love with him as he was too good in the chats. Later, she found that the man was a 'dull', 'uninteresting' person in real life and had used AI to chat with her all this while. In a Reddit post, she revealed how he was ‘really funny and super entertaining’. 

However, her excitement fizzled out after she met him in person and realised that he could ‘barely speak a proper sentence’.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote, “Was looking forward to the date and after I him, things were so different. He could barely speak a proper sentence. Not that he was shy or awkward. It was the opposite. He was extremely confident and extroverted. But all that language wit disappeared. It was so weird I was bit taken aback.”

During their conversation, he mistakenly admitted that he used AI to chat with her. That’s when she realised that he had been using AI to impress her.

“I’m so annoyed with all that time invested it’s so frustrating. Seems like everyone in Bangalore is on some AI tool and I’m wondering if others have experienced this too,” she added.