Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru, the IT Hub of India, was once known for its pleasant weather. Apart from the technology, entrepreneurships and IT, Bengaluru was also known for its cool weather which Bangaloreans would often boast off.

However, Bangaloreans can no longer play the good weather card, all thanks to the severe water crisis and unusually hot summer. Previously, Bangaloreans did not even need fan, now they are scrambling to buy coolers and air conditioners.

Amidst the heat, a woman lamented about the city’s ‘perfect’ weather and it has struck a chord online. Taking to her X handle, she shared, “Never in my 20 years in Bangalore, I ever thought we would need an AC. Earlier say anything about this city and people would defend it with the pleasant weather.”

“Bangaloreans can no longer play the “weather” card. What is this heat even? It’s as if I’m staying in Rajasthan. Every year summer is harsher than the previous year. The heat is unbearablešŸ˜­,” she added.

As expected, her post has struck a chord with other Bangaloreans who took to the comments section and shared their views.

“Blame it on wife who lend money to his husband to start an IT company, once a paradise turned in to an oven. Crazy!,” shared a netizens.

Another netizen added, “Pune going the same route. It’s a sauna. Just hope it’s only for two months.”

“The one thing Bangaloreans were so proud of... sad to see even Bangalore weather changing,” commented another user.