Poonam Singh

In a startling turn of events in Bihar’s Katihar, a bride's refusal to marry sent shockwaves through the community, all because the groom arrived the venue inebriated.

The bride's fury was palpable as soon as she laid eyes on the intoxicated groom, prompting her immediate rejection of the marriage proposal. Adding to the drama, the groom was found unconscious in his car which further worsened the tension.

According to a Amar Ujala report, the bride, a native of Kursela area, was set to wed a young man from Adarshnagar in Sultanganj, Bhagalpur. Despite all the meticulous wedding arrangements, chaos ensued when it emerged that the groom had indulged in alcohol on the wedding day. His unconscious state in the vehicle left the bride's family astounded.

However, the groom alleged that his friends had drugged him due to which he had fainted in the car.

The bride family's adamant refusal to proceed with the marriage, despite the groom’s pleading that he has never drank alcohol in his life and was drugged, led to a chaos situation.

The groom vehemently denied consuming alcohol or drugs, attributing his condition to substances administered by his friends. His protestations fell on deaf ears as the bride stood firm in her decision not to marry, leading to the girl's family taking him hostage.

Determined not to release the groom without recompense, the girl's family demanded the return of the dowry, belongings, and all expenses incurred for the wedding arrangements.

Meanwhile, the groom has also refused to get married to the bride. Till last reported, both the families were discussing the matter to reach a consensus.