Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Unruly behaviours of airline employees and air passengers are hogging headlines these days. Several videos have surfaced on different social media platforms that show fights on flights . Though such incidents are nothing new, concerns are being raised by passengers over their safety. 

However, it is not always about fights or any misconduct. Recently, a video has stormed the internet that shows a pilot delivering his welcome address and briefing. Instead of a normal announcement, the pilot opted for a more poetic style

For his ‘Shayarana Andaz’, the pilot has been winning the hearts of netizens after winning the passengers', of course.

As seen in the video, at first, the pilot greets the onboard passengers while they cheer him with claps. He introduces himself and his co-pilot Nilesh. He begins his speech by saying, “Namaskar, Srimati aur Sriman, Vimankaksh se hai aap sabke liye ek pegam. Aaj ki iss udan ke liye SpiceJet ne bheje hain do bidwan, jinmese mein poetic pilot hoon apka kaptan aur dusra hai Nilesh mera sahakaptan.”

Later, after welcoming everyone, he briefed them on the flight details. He also warned everyone about the penalty for smoking on the flight. 

Watch the full video:

Well, this is something surprising and amusing. While the passengers and other staffs of SpiceJet seem to be happy, the ‘poetic’ pilot also won the hearts of netizens with his Shayarana Andaz. 

One user wrote, “Wah kya Shayrana Andaj hai... First Time!” while another wrote, “Wohoöo...kya baat kyå baat kyå baat hai.” “Vaa yr kya bat hai..” wrote a third user.