Cassian Baliarsingh

Apart from being known for innovations and entrepreneurship, Bengaluru is known for things that are very rare in other parts of India. From an IT engineer riding an auto-rickshaw to unbelievable house rents, Bengaluru is in the news for several strange incidents.

However, Bengaluru is still one of the most loved places in India due to its hospitality, people, and IT culture. Several people have shared their peak Bengaluru moments on social media that make the IT Hub one of the best places to live in.

Recently, a youth identified as Rohit Ghumare shared about his Peak Bengaluru moment and revealed how he had lost his wallet at a café, but got it back within hours. The youth revealed that although the café staff did not have his number, they managed to get in touch with him.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Rohit wrote, “Bangalore is something else. I lost my wallet filled with my credit/debit card as well as important documents. I panicked. Surprisingly, I received one call from the café I went to yesterday. How they found my number? They googled my name. I guess this is @peakbengalurumoment.”

Since being shared, his tweet has garnered over 37.4K views and a plethora of comments from other social media users who have experienced the same.

“5 years ago, my friend went to Bangalore for the campus placement. Took a Uber ride and when the cab left within a hour he realized he left his mobile in the cab. He called up the driver, uber customer care, tried filing FIR at police, but nobody helped. That was @lowbangaloremoment,” shared a user.

Another user wrote, “This is nothing. In 2009 I lost my wallet in Vizag railway station while travelling to Bangalore. Lost everything along with my train ticket. Felt helpless, later I received a letter which has everything except wallet and cash and a message, ‘sorry bro your money helped my mom.”

“A similar thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I left the iPhone on the restaurant table. Luckily, I left the bill on the table that had my number. I didn’t have any clue that the iPhone was missing until I reached home and the guy called me. Only possible in Bangalore,” wrote a third user.