Cassian Baliarsingh

Is Santa Claus real? This question must have cropped up, at some point, in everyone’s mind. There has been a lot of debate on the existence of Santa Claus.

While some people believe in the existence of Santa Claus, others take it as a myth. However, this little girl from Cumberland, Rhode Island, has decided to take the help of science to find out if Santa Claus is real.

10-year-old Scarlett Doumato from Cumberland, Rhode Island, has requested the local police to conduct a DNA test to prove the existence of Santa Claus.

According to a Facebook post, the little girl had left cookies and carrots outside her house for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, the girl found the cookies and carrots partially eaten the next day on the morning of December 25, 2002.

Now, she wants the police to run the DNA test on the sample of the cookie and carrots.  She also forwarded the samples to the state’s Department of Health-Forensic Sciences unit for analysis.

Her letter reads, “Dear Cumberland police department. I took a sample of a cookie and carrots that I left for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve and was wondering if you could take a sample of DNA and see if Santa is real?”

The little girl’s cute letter is now going viral.

Interestingly, the police department had the sweetest response to the little girl’s request and also forwarded the girl’s evidence to the Rhode Island Department of Health for analysis to examine possible DNA traces from Santa while comparing the bite marks to any of Santa’s reindeer.

Later, the police department shared her letter and wrote, “This young lady obviously has a keen sense for truth and the investigative process and did a tremendous job packaging her evidence for submission. We will do our very best to provide answers for her.”