Mrunal Manmay Dash

On Thursday morning, a mysterious cloud was witnessed over the skies of the northwest province of Bursa, Turkey. People were left agape over the phenomenon which looked straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie.

As per a report in Daily Sabah, a lenticular cloud that closely resembled a UFO was spotted in the sky, drawing the attention of locals who took the chance to record it on their smartphones.

The cloud, which could be seen in Bursa's Kestel, Gürsu, Yldrm, Osmangazi, and Nilüfer neighbourhoods, persisted for almost an hour.



The lens clouds are formed because of rough wind fluctuations and indicate turbulence moving downward in the sky.

Many onlookers, who were astounded by this natural occurrence, captured the amazing lens cloud formation on their mobile devices. The video and images of the clouds that appeared to be UFOs were extensively shared afterward on various social media platforms across the globe.

The stationary cloud, which is formed due to an orographic event, appears in any geographic area where foehn winds are present.