Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Girls’ love for their hair is beyond many things. It may also be referred to as 'obsession' rather than love. Bearing this in mind, would anyone ever believe that a girl chopped off her hair on the day of her wedding reception?

Though hard to believe, it is true. A girl, dressed in her bridal gown, chopped off her hair on her big day. And, the reason for such action will surely melt your heart.

A short video shared on Instagram by @theunfilteredcollective shows a bride moving around the reception hall in her bridal gown. The hall seems to be filled with guests. 

Moving to another room, the bride flaunts her long hair tied stylishly with different pin accessories. 

To everyone’s surprise, the bride announced that she will be chopping off her long hair and donate it for cancer patients.

“I wish that Gigi and Nana Terri could be here. And so I am taking out my wedding hair, and I am donating it to cancer. I am chopping it off,” the bride said. 

She had been planning for this surprise for a while. Following her announcement, her husband standing close to her kissed her head.  Some other family members present in the room moved to tears. 

Later, another girl helped her to chop off her hair and she proudly flaunted her new hairstyle as well as the part of her hair that got chopped off.

The video has been liked over 1.5 lakh times and the comments box is flooded with appreciation notes. 

One user wrote: “That determined look she has, what a lovely act to remember loved ones by on a special day.” Another wrote, “I love this. I also lost my mom to cancer and when she was first diagnosed 24 years ago I began donating so I definitely would do something like this.” 

“God bless your little heart you’re an absolute beautiful person inside and outsidexxxxx,” said another user.

Lately, many girls have been coming forward to donate their hair to cancer patients and such gestures are getting appreciated across the globe.