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The first sight of a snake will frighten anyone. Of course, there are skilled professionals who deal with highly venomous snakes to huge non-venomous snakes in daily life, however, it is rare to find a common person who will confront a snake without a second thought. Meanwhile, there are people who lose their cool and avenge snake bite by killing the reptile. However, have you ever heard that a man took revenge on a snake by biting back after getting bitten by the reptile?

Well, it's certainly shocking, but such an incident took place in Bihar recently.

As per reports, Santosh Lohar, a labourer from Jharkhand working on a Railway project in Rajouli, was sleeping at his camp on Tuesday night. During his sleep, a venomous snake bit him which made Santosh angry. Reacting quickly after getting bitten, Santosh caught the snake with the help of an iron rod bit the reptile three times and killed it.

When asked about his unusual reaction, Santosh told India Today, "In my village, there’s a belief that if a snake bites you, you must bite it back twice to neutralize the venom." 

Well, such an unusual response is utterly shocking and the 'superstitious' reason is more baffling.

Following the incident, Santosh was rushed to a nearby hospital by Railway officials for treatment. Dr. Satish Chandra, overseeing Santosh's treatment confirmed that he is recovering and out of danger.

However, the news spread like wildfire drawing a crowd to the hospital. People were quite eager to see the snakebite victim and hear his tale.

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