Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Girls and women are socialised to be more aware of their appearance and how they present themselves. They are more conscious of their appearance for which most of the girls/women want to look perfect in photos and videos. A perfect glowing photo may demand makeup and the perfect pose. For such reasons, girls/women become more sensitive when being photographed. Well, such behaviour is not age-restricted. We don't say this, but several videos that have lately surfaced on social media make netizens say so. 

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows the cutest-ever photoshoot of a small girl. However, the occasion and situation of the 'photoshoot' will leave you surprised and, of course, fill your hearts with love. 

In the video, the cute girl can be seen standing on a chair and posing in different angles. Meanwhile, a person, capturing the biometrics, is seen holding the detachable camera in his hand and trying to capture the face with perfection. At first, the playful small girl rests her cheek on her palm while smiling. Next, she claps and swings her body. Meanwhile, her parents instruct her to pose for a photograph. But, the girl continues with her playful gestures. Well, the person trying to capture the frontal view of the girl's face struggles a lot. However, the small girl remains busy with her cute and loving gestures for the photoshoot.

Lately, several such videos have surfaced on the internet showing small girls crying for some reason. However, as soon as they realise they are being filmed, their expressions change immediately and they pose for the camera.

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While the video source couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Oooooormila with a caption reading, "Cutest Aadhaar card photoshoot I've ever seen." (sic)

The video has gone viral with netizens sharing it massively. The video has amassed over 437.8K views and 10K likes. Even the comments section is flooded with cute comments for the girl.

One user wrote, "Petition to make her the new Parle-G girl." (sic)

Another wrote, "However the kid is beautiful, the pic from adhar cameras is worse than the 1940s pic." (sic)

"Ab iska bhi photo acha nhi aya toh we need to change the Aadhar Software for real!" Wrote a third user. (sic)

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