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Certain tourists from other countries raise concerns about India during their travels. While poor sanitation and hygiene, scams, frauds and safety concerns have been pointed out by many tourists from other countries many times, some even raise questions about India's healthcare system. Such stories go viral on social media in no time. However, a recent post by an American woman will certainly change the perception of such 'complaining' tourists who point out issues during their travels in India.

Recently, a vlogger couple, UNSTUK with Mac & Keen visited India. The couple shared an Instagram video in which Mackenzie, one-half of the vlogging couple, briefed about how her British boyfriend fell ill during their trip to India. While Mackenzie got worried about getting a doctor’s appointment and the cost of treatment for her boyfriend, a local friend helped her understand the healthcare system in India and how vastly it is compared with the United States.

The video starts with the American woman saying, "I'm going to be spoiled for life in terms of Indian healthcare. My boyfriend yesterday was super super sick like there is something wrong wrong with him and so I was obviously nervous." 

Mac said she was “very nervous” about the situation until a friend suggested they could get initial medications for Keenan and get some tests done. However, she was surprised after learning that patients in the country could book tests at a time of their own convenience. But, in the US, an appointment for lab tests must be taken anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. 

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Furthermore, Mackenzie was amazed after realising that instead of visiting a doctor’s clinic to get the tests done, a nurse would visit their place to collect samples and they would receive their test reports later in the day.

Moreover, she expressed her concern over the cost of accessing such luxury healthcare services. “It’s gonna hurt the wallet,” she said in her video. That, however, was only until she realised that the whole thing cost her only $14 ( ₹1,100 approximately). “I’m blown away, this is incredible,” she said in her video.

In her video, Mackenzie said that Indian healthcare compared favourably to healthcare in the UK and the US both.

The video was shared a few days back and has gone viral amassing over 5 million views on Instagram. Apart from being liked by many, users have also shared their opinions on the Indian healthcare system. 

One user wrote, "And that is why I chose India’s medical treatment for my breast cancer. Glad I did. Love India." (sic)

Another user wrote, "Healthcare here in the US is so expensive. I pay $470 a month for insurance and yet I can’t find a doctor that is in the network and taking new patients. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in 2 years, Gyno in 3 years, dentist in 4 years, and PCP in 8 years.” (sic)

A third person wrote, “There is a reason all my friends from India go back to India to get their root canals, new glasses, contacts, and annual checkups." (sic)

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