Cassian Baliarsingh

A Rapido driver has left the internet disgusted with his creepy messages to a woman passenger on WhatsApp after she shared her location for a pickup. The woman alleged that she was harassed after she shared her location with him via WhatsApp.

The man continued to send her creepy messages and tried to act smart online. Frustrated, the woman took screenshots of his messages and posted them on Twitter, leaving netizens outraged. The viral screenshot has kicked up a massive wave of outrage on Twitter with netizens slamming Rapido and demanding the immediate removal of the driver.

In the screenshot posted on Twitter, the driver has sent a series of sleazy texts to the woman.

His text reads, “Hello, So gaye ?? Sir or sirf tumhari dp dekh ke or voice ki vajh se aaya tha n. Otherwise bahut dur tha bilkul ni ata main. Or hn ek bt or bhaiya viya nahin hu n…”

Sharing the screenshot, the woman wrote, “Shared my location with a captain at @rapidobikeapp and this is what I get. F*k Your App, Fk Your Men, F*k Men.”

Soon Rapido replied to the tweet and wrote, “We have been relentlessly trying to reach you to get the Ride ID and your registered mobile no. Please understand that these details are required urgently for us to be able to help you.”

However, the woman slammed them for late reply and wrote, “I have also been relentlessly trying to get a response from the past 3 days. Needless to say it is very urgent issue, I don’t see why I am getting such a late response in the first place. Cannot DM you though, have tried multiple times the text isn’t delivering.”

“Rapido is no more safe these days,” commented a user while another user wrote, “Eww man, this is so disgusting. I’m sorry that you had to go through this. Please take care.”

Another user wrote, “It’s so so heartbreaking but what’s worse is that it’s so unsurprising, the way we have to deal with this shit every single day fills me with so much rage.”