Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Caryn Marjorie, a popular Snapchat influencer with 1.85 million followers, has unveiled CarynAI, an AI version of herself created with the help of Forever Voices.

According to a report in Fortune, this chatbot mimics her voice and personality, allowing users to have private conversations and even engage in sexually charged chats.

The beta version was released privately on Telegram in May and has already made a considerable profit.

However, the launch of CarynAI raises concerns about the ethical implications of virtual relationships.

Development of CarynAI

Marjorie revealed in an interview with Fortune that she and Forever Voices developed CarynAI on top of an existing framework by utilizing OpenAI's GPT-4 API.

In the same interview, during the beta testing phase, Marjorie's male partners reportedly generated about 58 lakhs (equivalent to $71,610 USD) in revenue through their interactions with the chatbot.

It is claimed that the emotional connection created by CarynAI with its users raises ethical concerns about virtual intimacy.

According to Marjorie, CarynAI is not just a chatbot, but a tool to better connect with her audience and address loneliness. She believes that this could also benefit her career as an influencer.

The Future of Intimate Chatbots:

CarynAI has now launched beyond beta, and Marjorie is using her massive social media following to promote it.

According to her claims, she expects approximately 20,000 of her Snapchat followers to become regular subscribers, potentially generating up to $5 million per month.

However, the idea of a virtual girlfriend raises ethical concerns about the future of chatbots and intimacy.

It is claimed that while end-to-end encrypted messages offer some security, there are concerns about the potential impact of virtual relationships on social skills and the possibility of them replacing real relationships.