• Friday, September 22, 2023
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  • India's new Parliament building: 10 Tech-infused features of the complex

India's new Parliament building: 10 Tech-infused features of the complex

India's new Parliament building features a triangular shape, divyang-friendly design, platinum-rated green building status, and modern infrastructure. It showcases cultural diversity and sustainable construction practices.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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India's new Parliament building: 10 Tech-infused features of the complexPhotoPhoto: PM Narendra Modi

India's new Parliament building: 10 Tech-infused features of the complex

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled India's futuristic new Parliament building today, showcasing its impressive array of cutting-edge technologies.

The new Parliament building, with a seating capacity of 1,272, provides more space and incorporates advanced technology.

Here are the ten key features of the new Parliament building and its design vision.

Tech in New Parliament Building

The new Parliament building boasts advanced technology to streamline parliamentary operations and empower Members of Parliament (MPs).

Some noteworthy features include multimedia display units, biometric voting systems, digital language translation, and programmable microphones.

These innovations aim to enhance efficiency, information access, and communication within the legislative process, ensuring a modern and effective parliamentary experience.

Triangular Shape

The new Parliament building features a distinctive triangular shape, carefully planned to optimise the use of space.

This innovative design not only allows for efficient resource allocation but also creates an impressive visual impact.

The Central Vista Redevelopment Project's website emphasizes the importance of this design decision, emphasizing their dedication to effective space management.

Constitution Hall

A significant addition to the new Parliament complex is the "Constitution Hall," which embodies the project's vision of prioritising citizens in the democratic process.

This hall serves as a tribute to the constitution, representing the essential contribution of the people in shaping the governance of the nation.

By dedicating a space to the constitution, the building symbolises the fundamental role played by the citizens in shaping the country's governance.

A Platinum-Rated Green Building

The new Parliament building aligns with India's commitment to sustainable development and proudly holds the prestigious "platinum-rated green building" certification.

This achievement reflects India's emphasis on energy efficiency and responsible construction practices.

By prioritising environmental sustainability, the building sets a positive example for future projects to follow.

Divyang-Friendly Features

The new Parliament building is designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, ensuring that it caters to the needs of all individuals.

Specifically, it incorporates divyang-friendly features, addressing the requirements of differently abled individuals.

The inclusion of a central lounge encourages interaction among members, complementing the welcoming open courtyard.

These thoughtful considerations promote an inclusive and accommodating environment for everyone.

Inspired by National Symbols

The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, reflecting India's vibrant cultural heritage, draw inspiration from the national bird, the peacock, and the national flower, the lotus, respectively.

This artistic incorporation infuses the design with a sense of national pride and symbolism, enriching the overall significance of the building.

It serves as a captivating tribute to India's cultural identity and values.

Ultra-Modern Infrastructure

The new Parliament building embraces an ultra-modern architectural approach, integrating state-of-the-art communication technologies.

This advanced infrastructure enables seamless connectivity and enhances the efficiency of the legislative bodies.

The inclusion of larger committee rooms further facilitates more efficient decision-making processes.

With its cutting-edge features, the building ensures a technologically advanced and streamlined functioning of the parliament.

Superior Library Experience

The new Parliament building acknowledges the significance of knowledge and research by incorporating a thoughtfully designed library.

Equipped with modern amenities and abundant resources, the library offers members of both Houses a superior research experience.

This well-curated space serves as a hub of information, promoting intellectual growth and facilitating informed decision-making among parliamentarians.

Showcasing India's Cultural Diversity

The new Parliament building celebrates India's unity in diversity by sourcing construction materials from different regions of the country.

The red and white sandstone used in the building comes from Sarmathura in Rajasthan, while the Kesaria green stone, adorning the Lok Sabha chamber, originates from Udaipur.

The furniture is crafted in Mumbai, and materials for the Ashoka Emblem are sourced from Aurangabad and Jaipur.

This incorporation of materials from various locations symbolises the nation's diverse heritage and showcases the cultural richness of different regions.

Utilising Sustainable Construction Materials

In adherence to eco-friendly practices, the new Parliament building integrates manufactured sand (M-sand) sourced from Charkhi Dadri in Haryana.

This locally obtained substitute for natural sand reduces environmental impact while preserving the construction's quality and strength.

By adopting this forward-thinking approach, the project showcases a steadfast commitment to responsible resource usage and sustainability.

A Symbol of Progress

The new Parliament building is a powerful symbol of India's progress and aspirations.

It embodies the nation's vision for a dynamic and inclusive democracy through its innovative design, advanced technology, and commitment to sustainability.

It stands as a testament to India's determination to evolve and flourish as a modern democratic society.

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