Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Microsoft Security recommends taking steps to stay protected from AI, IoT, and OT threats in the rapidly evolving digital world.

As technologies like AI, IoT, and OT become increasingly important, scammers and hackers pose risks by breaching personal and sensitive data.

These technologies are integrated into various systems, from smartphones and computers to medical sensors and high-tech equipment. To defend against modern AI, IoT, and OT threats, Microsoft Security suggests the following:

Map Business-Critical Assets: Businesses should identify critical assets in both IT and OT environments, collaborating with stakeholders to gain full visibility.

Count Devices: It is essential to know the number of IT, OT, and IoT devices in the enterprise, where they converge, and the data, resources, and utilities accessible through them.

Assess Business Impact: Evaluate the potential impact of various attack scenarios, including disruptions to industrial processes and physical equipment damage. Conduct a risk analysis on critical assets.

Define a Strategy: Business owners should define a strategy based on the risks identified and on business impact.

Implement Comprehensive Security: Adopt a comprehensive and dedicated security solution that provides visibility, continuous monitoring, attack surface assessment, threat detection, and response.Training: Offer training specific to threats related to IoT and OT systems, educating everyone to better understand their environments and investigate potential incidents.

By following these steps, organisations can enhance their security and protect against cyber threats in the tech era, as suggested by Microsoft Security.