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A spam email is an unwanted email that is typically business promotion-related mail or mail that can affect the privacy of your data.

Here are a few ways by which you can prevent spam emails in Gmail to avoid flooding your Gmail space and to deal with your data safety concerns-

Unsubscribing from Spam Mails
To stop receiving Spam emails you can prevent them by opening that particular mail and by clicking the unsubscribe or change preferences option available next to the sender's name. You can mark the messages as spam or block them and eventually the emails will be unsubscribed.

Removing suspicious mails 
While opening that particular mail you will have the option to Report Spam on the top of the page, when you click report spam Google will help protect users from spam and abuse.

Blocking an Email Address
When you receive any spam mail you can block that particular email by clicking the block option at the top right side of the page, in case you block someone by mistake you can unblock the same person by using the same steps.

Using Filters in Gmail 
If a certain website or sender is spamming your inbox you can open your Gmail on a web browser and use filters that would automatically flag that email and delete the mail. This is the easiest way to stop spam emails.

Unchecking Spam Mails
While logging in to other websites make sure to uncheck the “ Allow us to send updates” checkbox if you are not sure about the trustworthiness of that particular website.

Spam emails can be blocked in many ways but you can avoid them in the first place by not using your email on untrustworthy websites or by not using your main email at all the websites to avoid receiving any unnecessary emails.