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Have you ever been to a restaurant where you were charged GST fees without a valid GST registration? This is an annoying experience that many people face. But don't worry, there are steps you can take to avoid paying these fees.

Here, we will guide you through the process of identifying valid GST registration and avoiding fraudulent charges.

Check for a Valid GST Registration:

The first step to avoiding fraudulent GST fees is to check for a valid GST registration. When you receive your restaurant bill, look for a 15-digit GST number. If you see it, you can check its validity on the official GST website.

Checking GST Registration on Official Website:

To check the validity of the GST number, visit the official GST website at Enter the 15-digit GST number and fill out the captcha. If the number is valid, you can view information about the restaurant. But there are a few things you need to look out for.

When you view information about the restaurant, check the "GST/UIN Status." If it says "Active," then it's okay to pay the GST fee.

If it says "Suspended," do not pay the fee.

Also, check the "taxpayer type." If it's "Regular," you can pay the fee, but if it's "Composition," then do not pay the fee.

If the restaurant is charging you GST fees without a valid GST registration, then you do not need to pay that amount. If you see the charges on your bill but cannot see the 15-digit GST number, you should not pay the fee.

What to Do if You're Forced to Pay:

If the restaurant insists that you pay the GST fees, call the GST helpline customer care number at 18001200232 and register a complaint regarding the restaurant.

Remember, if the GST registration is invalid or suspended, or if the restaurant has a "Composition" taxpayer type, you should not pay the fee.

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