Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Google Pixel Watch is the company's first-ever smartwatch. But it has already encountered an alarm bug issue that is reportedly affecting some users. 

The watch's alarm feature, designed to remind users about their events and activities, is said to be sounding late instead of on time, according to a report by PhoneArena.

Some Pixel Watch users have reported that their alarms go off a minute or two after the set time, causing inconvenience and frustration.

One Reddit user, "91114," noticed that the alarm worked fine for a while but had started sounding late in recent days. Another user reported an alarm that went off nearly four minutes before the set time.

Some users are unsure if an update caused the issue while others have been experiencing irregularities for a month now.

While it is unclear if the problem is caused by the latest update, it appears to be a software issue. Google is expected to fix this bug with an upcoming update. In the meantime, users can double-set their alarms on their smartphones for backup.

To improve the user experience and address sleep cycle concerns, Google can adopt the Smart Wake feature available on Fitbit wearables. The feature attempts to find the best time to wake users starting 30 minutes before the alarm time they set, avoiding waking them during deep sleep to help them feel more refreshed upon waking up. 

While this feature may not fix the alarm bug issue that some Pixel Watch users are currently facing, it could be a beneficial addition for the watch's users.

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