Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has raised concerns about its potential to replace human jobs. 

This fear has persisted since late 2022 and continues today, fueled by advancements in AI capabilities. 

Recently, a video went viral showcasing an AI-powered robocall service that convincingly mimics human interaction.

This AI tool, developed by Bland AI, a company based in San Francisco, is designed for sales and customer support. 

It can simulate human conversations so effectively that callers may believe they are speaking with a real person. 

In the viral video, a man dialled a number displayed on Bland AI’s billboard asking, “Still hiring humans?” The call was answered by a bot that sounded remarkably human, complete with natural pauses and interruptions.

The bot only revealed its AI nature when it identified itself as an "AI agent."

In the video, the AI conversation sounded remarkably human, although it was indeed an AI model, as reported by Bland AI. The AI agent confidently claimed it could handle various business phone calls, adding a casual and light-hearted tone to the conversation.

The video generated a range of reactions from viewers. Comments included expressions like “insane” and concerns such as “This is extremely concerning.”

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User expressed disapproval, saying, “We hope you go bankrupt,” reflecting the mixed feelings towards the increasing capabilities of AI in human-like interactions.

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